How to Add a Sunroom to Your House


A sunroom sometimes called a porch enclosure, solarium or green room is simply a room with more windows than the regular room and a foam-core panel roof. Adding a sunroom to your house helps with bringing more of the outside in as it gives you a place to view the outside.

To build a sunroom you will need a floor plan, lumber, a door, windows and trim, wallboard, paint and painting tools, flooring, light fixtures, foam core roof, and switch plates among others. You can get these items by buying a sunroom kit or getting them individually. You might also need a permit which you should consult with your local building regulatory office about this. Now let us get started.

  1. Build the foundation: You would have to build the form boards and do some trenching here. Fill up the trenches and cover the form boards with concrete to make a very strong foundation.
  2. Decide on your windows: Choose the type and size of windows you want in your sunroom. You need to do this first as this is what will determine the framing of the room. If your windows will reach the top of the walls, you will need a framing different from what would be used for windows not reaching the top of the walls.
  3. Framing: Once you know the kind of framing you will be needing, go ahead to construct it. You have to make allowance for all the windows and doors in the frame and you must use sturdy material for it so that you do not have weak wall spaces. You may cover the frame with a house wrap when you finish building it and also use half-inch plywood for the exterior sheathing to increase its strength.
  4. Design and incorporate the electrical system: You will need to decide how many electrical outlets you want in the room and where you want them placed. This should actually be done before you build the frame so you can incorporate the electrical outlets into the frame while building it.
  5. Insert the windows and doors: Once your frame is completed, you need to install the windows and door into the spaces in the frame. Using your screws or nails and drills, secure the windows and door firmly to ensure that they are sitting properly.
  6. Insert the roof: If using a kit which is recommended, you need to attach the foam core panel roof to the top of the walls. You can get a professional roofer to do this for you so that it is securely placed.
  7. Insulate the interior: Now that your frame, roof and electrical systems are in place, you should go on to install insulation in the walls and when you are done with this, secure the wallboard over the insulation. You would need to make spaces in the wallboard for your electrical outlets.

You can put in flooring if you do not want the concrete from the foundation only and you can decorate the room as you desire. Once you have installed the wallboard, your sunroom is essentially complete and you can begin to enjoy it.