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Do you have a unique idea or skill on home improvement, home décor or DIY? Would you like others to benefit from your idea? Then is just the place to do that.  We are a leading community for every DIY, from home improvement tips to home décor and design. We are always interested in unique ways of doing stuff. If you have unique ideas or creative ways to do things and would like to share, then we would like to talk to you. We only ask, that in return, your articles and write ups are related to what we do and what we have on our website.

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We are always interested in tutorials, tips and tricks and any other content with a DIY appeal that our readers would find useful. Showing people how to get stuff done with easy to reach everyday tools and gadgets and teaching people how to make amazing home décor with simple everyday materials is what we are about. Look through the categories on our website to get an idea of what fits, and browse through our already published work so you won’t have to do what we have already.

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We know how hard writing can be and we would not want you to spend all that time writing your article only to turn it down. Please, do not pitch or submit any general topic or ideas to us. Look for something specific and go in depth. The more detailed and specific, the better for all of us. Your content should fall within the scope of what we cover. A good article is one that is well written, easy to understand and most importantly useful to the readers.

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Take a look at what we have on the site already; you should get a feel of how our articles are written. This will give you an idea of how to start. Make sure your grammar is in good shape and your language easy to follow and understand. A picture, chart or infograph will also help a lot; you know what they say “A picture tells more than a thousand words”.

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