10 Easy Bathroom Storage Solutions to Save Space


Do you ever wish you could de-clutter your bathroom counter top? Lack of storage space may be the only factor in your way. The bathroom is one room where space never seems to be enough, but not to worry. With these easy solutions, you can still organize your stuff and maximize space- even in your small bathroom.

  1. Put a Book Shelf Above Your Door: A book shelf above your door, is an easy way to add extra storage space to your small bathroom. As you may not reach it without a step stool, you may want to reconsider keeping items that you need very often up there. Think cleaning supplies, extra towels and so on.
  1. Use a Stacked-Plate Rack: When you do not have any more space on your bathroom counter, a stacked-plate rack is an aesthetic yet functional way to store essentials like your tooth brush, or lotion.
  1. Create Extra Space Behind Your Bathroom Cabinet Door: This is the perfect DIY solution. You can create extra storage space by building short shelves or storage bins that will fit behind your bathroom cabinet door.
  1. Use Spice Racks: Although these typically belong in the kitchen, a spice rack in the bathroom is a very practical way to save space. You could keep your most-used items there. If you think that will give your bathroom a cluttered look, you could hang them on the inside of your bathroom cabinet.
  1. Get a Metal File Box: If you were wondering how to keep bathroom appliances such as blow driers and straightening irons, a metal file box does the trick. By installing hanging hooks on your wall or the side of your cabinet, you can easily make holes in the boxes and hang them.
  1. Organize with Towel Rods and Some Baskets: Keeping your stuff in baskets is a perfect bathroom organization solution. Where to keep the baskets may be the problem. By strapping baskets on towel rods, you utilize wall space and create room to store your stuff.
  1. Hang on Bathroom Shelves: Hanging on bathroom shelves is also a great way to create storage space. You do not have to purchase these if you have small wooden crates. Paint them, mount them sideways to the wall, and you are good to go!
  1. Mount on Wicker Baskets: Mounting wicker baskets on your wall adds a decorative element to your bathroom, and provides you with a towel storage solution. This is a DIY project that can be done in no time, with a drill and some screws.
  2. Mount Plant Holders: A cheap and efficient way to store your bathroom appliances, is by using plant holders. Also, they look great and can add some vibrancy to your bathroom if you go for a variety of colours.
  1. Use a Pegboard Organizer: A pegboard organizer is a versatile piece that is easy to make, and is an effective way of storing items in your bathroom. With pegboard hooks and bins mounted on, you have space to hang your towels and keep essential bathroom supplies.