The Do-it-Yourself Guide to Sparkling Clean Windows


A good window washing surely brightens your home. However, it can be quite frustrating, when you clean and still end up with those annoying streaks. You can get a sparkling clean result every time, with these good old tips.

Tips for Streak-free Window Cleaning

Getting your windows look like they have been cleaned by a professional is easy. In choosing your window cleaner, there are 2 basic options to go by:

  • You could go for a commercial window cleaning product, based on your preference. These are readily available, easy to use and can get the job done.
  • You could make your own solution. This is easy as well. A bit of dish washing liquid in some hot soapy water can work wonders. Otherwise, two tablespoons of vinegar added to a small bucket of warm water works just as well.
  • If your windows are very dirty or greasy, household ammonia or domestic borax come in handy. Use two tablespoons per gallon after which you rinse with the vinegar solution.

Additionally, you will need:

  • Lint free cloth or drying pad
  • Squeegees (a squeegee with a soft trim protects against scratches)
  • Newspaper (trust me, buffing with newspapers gives the best shine)
  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Brush or broom handle for removing dust and cobwebs
  • Old rag

Getting it Done

  1. The first thing you need to do after pulling back the curtains or blinds, is to get rid of built up dust. Open the window and with a dust pan brush, clean the corners and the window sill, eliminating debris and dust. This step is important. Nothing sticks to a wet cloth like dust and loose dirt. Getting to cleaning immediately means that you spread the dust around.
  1. Wash your window with a sponge, using your cleaning solution.
  1. Begin wiping off excess water from the top to the bottom of your window, using a clean squeegee. Remember to regularly clean the squeegee blade with an old rag.
  1. With a damp microfibre cloth, wipe the window horizontally, to remove excess water. Also pay attention to the windowsill, soaking up water that may have collected in there while cleaning.
  1. When the window is clean and dry, buff the glass using crumpled newspaper for an extra sparkle.

Some Extra Tips

  • If you decide to use a professional cleaning product for your window cleaning, be sure not to add too much to the glass.
  • Wearing gloves while you clean, is a good way to protect your hands and nails.
  • When wiping down your windows, avoid leaving streaks and debris on the glass, use a soft clean cloth instead of kitchen or toilet roll.
  • You should wash your windows on a cloudy day. Direct sunlight dries windows quickly, leaving streaks behind.
  • Cleaning your windows from time to time, allows adequate sunlight in your home to give it a brighter look. Doing this at least twice in a year, is a good idea.