6 Tips To Add More Space To Your Home

Wohnung nach Einzug mit vollgepackten Umzugskartons

Everyone could benefit from more space. A house with room to breathe, relax, and move freely is something we all desire.

You might have just moved into a small house or apartment and need to decorate the space as efficiently as possible.

Consider the fact that your new empty house looks spacious once you move in, but when all your furniture and belongings arrive, it will appear to shrink. As such, you will need to plan the placement of everything carefully to maximise the space.

Or perhaps you have been living in your home for a long time and start to feel like it is no longer big enough for your tastes. You might be looking for more space to accommodate all your items or growing family.

Whether you have just completed a move or looking to improve your current home, adding more space is easy with a few innovative tips.


Organise those drawers

Since the first step to adding space to your home usually deals with larger pieces of furniture or shelving, it is easy to overlook the smaller items. You need to be organised within your cupboards and drawers as well.

Use drawer organisers to make sure you are only keeping what you really need. Get rid of old, unused foodstuffs or utensils and organise according to frequency of use. Things you use more often should be in an easy to reach place. Although decluttering takes a lot of willpower and honesty, you’ll be thankful when you realise how much more space you’ll have with less items jumbling around in your drawers. If you don’t know what to do with all that clutter go to https://mackersskiphire.co.uk/ and they will help you out.

This can also free up space in your cupboards for potential storage as well. With organised drawers, your kitchen will be much easier to use.

Go vertical

Often under-used, the space between the tops of your furniture and the ceiling should not go to waste! Take bookcases and shelves up to the ceiling to maximise storage space. Floating shelves are great for adding a bit of extra space to display some interesting items.

Bespoke shelving is perfect for using up vertical space. It is fitted to the wall or dimensions of your room, ensuring that space is maximised.

If you want to free up floor space, try moving some plants into hanging pots to take advantage of the vertical space. These provide a different character than regular floor planters while maintaining some greenery in your home.

If you are more adventurous, try installing a small wall garden for an unusual twist to indoor plants!

Luxury living room with large bookcase full of books and upright piano - 3D Rendering

Floating furniture

One great way to open up a room is to use floating furniture. These are articles of furniture that are not backed up against a wall. This allows you to use the wall space for decoration or other functions.

Try to use multiple smaller pieces rather than one or two large articles of furniture. For example, a corner sofa takes up way more space than a loveseat and a couple of chairs.

This also provides extra walking room behind your furniture. Floating furniture allows for improved traffic flow and gives the impression of a spacious room.

Find your focus

Choose one large, visually interesting piece to be the focal point of the room. Instead of having multiple items vying for your attention, focus on only one.

An ornate fireplace, fabulous artwork, or a pop of colour in the form of an armchair—these draw the eye in and act as a distraction from the size of the room.

Decorating the room so that the eye automatically goes toward this single focal point creates an illusion of a larger space, while also giving the viewer something beautiful and interesting to gaze upon.

Smart storage

Even if you tried to declutter in the build-up to a moving day, you might find that you still have items lying around. Additionally, the longer you live in your home, the more stuff you obtain, meaning storage space becomes even more valuable. Luckily, storage doesn’t just have to be on shelves or cupboards—you can also hide items away in creative spaces.

Furniture that serves multiple purposes are fantastic. A coffee table with a storage compartment is perfect for keeping your living room tidy. Ottomans or cubes are great for storing items as well as additional seating when needed.

Modular storage units are also amazing as you can organise things according to your room, needs, and budget. You can rearrange a modular system of shelves, changing how it looks quickly and easily. Match these storage pieces with the room’s colour scheme or other furniture as part of your interior decorating plan.

Additionally, lidded woven baskets are stylish options for storing your belongings. Together with the rest of the items in your room, you can create interesting textures and patterns. With a lid, they provide an easy way to hide unsightly piles of stuff lying around—you can just throw them in quickly when in a rush.

Open up a space

This is the most drastic of the tips presented here. However, it also creates the most noticeable result! You’ll be tearing down a wall to turn two rooms into one, opening up the space significantly.

Since this involves a bit of DIY work, this solution should be only followed if you are willing to invest and complete some of the hard work yourself. Also, you should conduct thorough research and ask local professionals if taking down a wall is possible as it could be load bearing.

If you do go through with this project, you will immediately double up the size of a room, creating a better flow of traffic as well. Also, depending on the wall, you will increase the amount of light entering your home, further strengthening the feeling of a large space.