7 Top Tips To Make Your Bedroom Sparkle This Summer


Bright sunny mornings, clear blue skies, and lazy afternoons lounging on fresh green grass. These are just a few reasons why the summer is just about everyone’s favorite season. So why not bring a little summertime inside? Your bedroom, for example, can become a summery sanctuary, especially when it’s too hot outside. Here are some tips that will help style your bedroom to bring out that summer sparkle.

Go all white

Minimalist designers don’t have a monopoly on white interiors. Summer is all about bright colors and tones, so add an uplifting ambience to your bedroom by painting it white. From the walls to the ceiling and even the furniture, a white backdrop will make your room shine. For some contrast, add a few earthy colors in accessories to make everything pop. Beware of going overboard though—you can never go wrong with simple and smooth.


Get a new mattress

As much as it is fun, summer can be demanding too. From receiving visitor to taking the children outside constantly to your own outdoor obligations like gardening, you will need a soothing rest spot after the sun sets. A good memory foam mattress like Brentwood Home’s bed-in-a-box can provide that end-of-the-day comfort you need. Memory foam provides relief to joints and pressure points in ways that spring mattresses are unable to do. By morning, you’ll feel as good as new and ready to take on another long sunny day.

Try a sky window

If you can afford the change, sky windows are a fantastic addition and can make a big difference. Few things are more energizing than waking up to the sun filtering through the window in the morning, or gazing dreamily at fluffy blue clouds while you try to read a novel in the afternoon. There’s always tint provision to diminish the shine just in case it is too bright. Night times can be relaxing too as you stargaze right before you fall to sleep.

Open plan design

During the summer, things can get a bit heated up. If your bedroom is full of clutter, consider freeing up the space to create ventilation. You can also try adopting an open plan style for something clean and elevating. This minimalist style says no to borders, walls, and other limitations. An open plan is very in vogue right now and is considered to be ultra-modern design. Open plans are extremely compatible to any type of home, no matter the era it was built.


Summer-themed artwork

Bring ever more sparkle into your bedroom using summery artwork or wallpaper. Think of something with a picturesque sunset by the beach or the skyline of Venice. If you’re an artsy person, maybe paint a sunset or landscape on your wall as a summer project! If you’re not as confident with your art skills, then maybe hire a professional to do it instead.

Lots of flora

One refreshing way to bring your room to life is to literally bring life into it! Potted plants, fresh flowers in a vase, and even an aquarium with some aquatic fauna will work wonders on both the design and your way of living. Plants are known to add a relaxing and inviting atmosphere into a home.