How to Safely Clean Your Crystal Chandelier


Chandeliers can be one of the most daunting lighting fixtures to clean. But don’t be afraid. You don’t need to hire someone to do the cleaning for you. If you take much care and follow the procedure below, you should be able to renew the appearance of your chandelier without injuring yourself or damaging the chandelier.

  • Take Precautions and Turn off Your Electricity

Turn off the light from the control switch and allow the chandelier’s bulbs to cool down. By doing this, you don’t only avoid electric shock, but also the risks of a hot bulb burning you and subsequent accidents that could occur because of that. It’s even advised that you disconnect your electricity just to be sure, even though cleaning your chandelier doesn’t involve touching a naked wire.

  • Set Up Your Workspace

The good thing about letting the bulbs cool down is that you don’t have to wait idle. You can use that time to set up your work area. Spread a tarpaulin sheet on the ground- right beneath the chandelier and place a stepladder over the tarp but underneath the chandelier. Ensure that the ladder is well balanced or have someone hold it for you- just in case. Then comfortably reach the chandelier from it. A pile of clothes or blankets around the ladder can help to absorb the impact of any part of the chandelier that may mistakenly fall.

  • Begin Cleaning the Crystals

To do this, you will need clean and soft cotton cloths and a glass or chandelier cleaner. You will also need to put on an apron (one that has pockets where you can put the cloths and cleaner). Wet one cloth with the glass cleaner and gently wipe the crystals one after the other—don’t spray the cleaner directly on the chandelier crystals. As you wipe, use a dry cloth from your pocket to dry the crystals.

Also, avoid rotating the chandelier, as you don’t want to damage its parts or cause them to fall or break.  Instead, to reach each side of the chandelier, climb down and reposition the ladder to get direct access.

  • Move on to the Frame of the Chandelier

The frame of your chandelier is likely made of metal. So, avoid using the glass cleaner on it. Instead use a dry cloth (perhaps with a metal cleaner or a chandelier cleaner recommended by your dealer). This will help to ensure that the frame doesn’t tarnish or discolour later because you cleaned it.

  • Gently Clean the Bulbs

To do this, use a clean, dry cloth, and take the blubs out one after the other. Don’t try to reach a blub on the side of the chandelier farthest from you. Also, don’t rotate or twist the chandelier. Always climb down and reposition your ladder.

As you clean your chandelier bulbs, you can use the opportunity to check for any missing, burnt-out, or broken bulb and make the needed replacement. Also, if dusting doesn’t work for any of the bulbs, you may touch a few drops of cleaner to your cloth and gently try cleaning the bulb again.

Once you have done everything mentioned in the procedure above, your chandelier should be looking pristine again. Dismount from the ladder, fold it and place it in the store where it belongs. Then clear the clothes or blankets and tarpaulin from the floor.

Next, you are ready to turn the lights back on and enjoy your renewed chandelier.