How Proximity Affects Property Values


If you are looking to see how much your property should be on the market for, this infographic will inform you on all you need to know about boosting and lowering property values.

Aston James Associates London have produced this helpful infographic to make your property ladder journey as beneficial as possible. You will be surprised to find just what can make or break the value of a property. For example, did you know that if a property is close to a Starbucks then it is likely to be 21{80489f69d0b26025b74cecc274d3bc02e1d4bd0c4aa8acfc05273160dab5de6a} more valuable than other homes in the area?


Such a little factor can really go a long way. On the other hand, if a property is close to a recycling centre then it is expected to fetch 5-7{80489f69d0b26025b74cecc274d3bc02e1d4bd0c4aa8acfc05273160dab5de6a} less than identical properties that are slightly further away. Put a power plant in to the equation and the property will find itself 4-7{80489f69d0b26025b74cecc274d3bc02e1d4bd0c4aa8acfc05273160dab5de6a} less than what it usually should be!

Location of the property plays a huge part in its value. Be sure to check out the infographic to explore the variety of proximity factors that affect property values: