Quick Fixes around the Home: Your DIY Toolkit


Keeping your home well-maintained and inviting, requires having to fix occasional issues around the home.

Calling a professional to repair or replace the damages every time a problem crops up can be an unsustainable expense in the long term, as well as keep you from learning a few essential DIY skills that could save lives.

Here are a few quick, easy, step-by-step tricks for some of the most common improvement tasks to bring out your inner handyman creativity and keep your home looking new.

Replacing a broken toilet seat

A broken toilet seat is certainly not something you want to stall because of the convenience and potential risk of further breakages and a spillage. To fix a broken toilet seat, get the dimension of the seat and get the right replacement.

Next, unloose the bolts and hinges on the underside holding the old seat and remove it. Clean the toilet base, with specific attention to the grime accumulated in the bolt holes where the old seat was fixed.

Line up your new toilet seat with the base and fix it in place with the bolts and hinges. Tighten the nuts to make the seat firm.

Cleaning wine stains on rugs and carpets

These can leave a messy blot on your immaculate floor and lower its general charm and value.  First, clean the excess liquid with a piece of kitchen roll or clean cloth. Being gentle, start from the edges of the stain. Be careful not to rub it because rubbing the stain will make it worse.

Next, get some table salt and cover the stain entirely until it’s no longer visible. Hold on a while and watch till the salt changes colour. Vacuum it up thereafter. The salt will absorb the coloured liquid stain from the rug or carpet before it dries in.

Then, make a paste with white vinegar and baking soda mixed in cold water. Apply the paste to the stain and wipe it off with a clean cloth. Wait for a few minutes and clean the paste as well. If there are still some mixture left, add a little more cold water and repeat until the spot on the rugged or carpeted floor is clean.

Repainting your room

If a room in your home feels a little old and tired, repainting it will often bring back the sparkle and warmth to the space. Also, this can be completed in a day.

First, choose the right colour for the room, focusing on a hue that gives you a sense of comfort and beauty and complements other features in the room well or around the house.

Don’t forget to first fill any cracks on the wall with a smooth decorator’s filler. Wait for it to dry, then rub down for an even surface.  Ensure that the wall and paintwork are free of dust, then wash with soap and rinse with clean water.

Move essential furniture and appliances to a safe distance, and start your painting with the ceiling. From there, go on to apply the brush on the wall and then the woodwork. Often the first coat will not give you a satisfactory finish and you would have to apply a second coating to give the desired glow and smoothness.