5 Effective Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Man grilling meat and vegetables on garden party, his friends eating the bbq meat

We are have left the cooler season and are slowly approaching summer. It is important to get certain seasonal home updates done ahead of time. Is your house still cooped up with materials for winter insulation? Now may be the time to start taking them down.

Update your space with brighter, lighter accessories. Get rid of anything that emits heat- thick curtains, fire logs, heaters, heavy rugs, and padded blankets. Swap your candles with vessels for freshly-picked flowers and replace your winter mats with lighter ones.

Embrace the lazy, hazy summer afternoons with a few simple chores that, completed early, will ensure you have a bright, comfortable summer.

Open up your air flow

Give your household a cool, breezy summer, as well as cheaper power consumption, by updating your air-flow. Adjust your ceiling fan to a counter-clockwise direction (ensure the blades are inclined upwards during spin) to drive air downwards and create a greater draft.

Change the filter in your air-conditioner or contact a professional to have a look. You’ll have a smoother airflow with all your aeration units cleared for optimal functioning.

Check your gutters

The right time to check your roof and the gutter ways is during the warm weather. You want to take advantage of the clear skies. However, there might be unexpected rain, so it is important to have a gutter system in full working conditions.

According to Chris Neall, manager London & South at Alumasc Gutters and Downpipes, “Your gutters help direct rainwater away from the side of the home, thus protecting the wall paint from washing and the foundation from collecting pools of water. An unattended gutter can be dangerous.”

You may choose to fix your broken gutters DIY style. However, it is better to call a professional for more severe roofing issues.

Open your interior to summer

Interiors can be given a summery look with attractive sun-kissed windows. Make sure your windows have clear shiny glass to let in the outdoors. Also, consider applying fine window treatments. Wash your windows- use a soft cotton cloth and some soapy water to clean the screens. Children are fond of placing stickers on windows, identify and pull them out gently.

Don’t forget to rinse out grime that collect along the sides and slide rails depending on the type of window you have. You can use home made solutions such as water and vinegar effect a thorough cleanse. If your draperies are think, replace them with lighter, bright coloured curtains.

Prepare your surroundings for relaxation

The cooler weather may have prompted you to adopt a hibernating attitude. With an approaching summer, you want to prepare your home for more outdoor chilling. Perhaps you intend to have summer parties? Ensure your curb appeal is great. If you need to contact a landscaping company, have them redo your hedges and lawn.

Create an extension of your living space outdoors. Make it comfortable, clean and filled with desired items. The beauty of cleaning your own patio is that is can be done with tepid, soapy water. Hose down the deck and brush the outdoor furniture. Then set up the lighting- ah, star gazing nights on cue.

Get your barbecue grill out

Summer is for outdoor relaxation, and since your patio is spic and span, you might take out your BBQ grill. There will be lots of burger flipping and BBQ roasting this period. Disconnect the gas, take apart the whole equipment, from top (roof) to the tray. Be sure to follow the accompanying manual.

Use soapy water and clean thoroughly. Scrub out the grill separately with a tough brush, for particularly stubbon areas, use a BBQ cleaner. When you are done heat it for a few minutes and allow it to cool. Finally, clean the grates with a thin film of cooking oil. Now you are set.

Nothing promises lots of lazy afternoons and brighter moods like summer. Is your home ready yet?