Refurbishing Your Pool Side Without Breaking Bank


Having a pool is often considered expensive to maintain, but like most things, there’s always a hack way out. You don’t have to empty your savings to make something beautiful of your pool.

Many homeowners tend to leave their pool uncared for, and as a result, they are often outmoded and an unattractive match for the home.

James Tascioni, a building expert with Zbranek & Holt says a pool is a defining feature in any home and should be treated as such. “When you renovate parts of the home and leave out the pool, it sets back the look of your property by many years.”

We couldn’t agree more. Lush-looking pool-sides translate to a sophisticated environment. Here are some tips on how to take your pool from ordinary to amazing…on a budget.

The pool

Add a Baja step

This is a specific part of the pool that is often flat and shallow (traditionally 2 feet deep). It is sometimes called a tanning ledge or Baja shelf. Baja steps are a common feature of resort pools because it offers a cool area to settle in a lounge chair.

Baja steps can give your pool a redefined look. They are easy to add and can cost less than $2,000 depending on the extent of refurbishment. However, it is advisable to resurface the entire pool along with a Baja step, to give it a more uniform appearance.

Resurface the deck

Add more flair to your pool by resurfacing the deck. Many experts offer a special coating known as acrylic lace that is quite inexpensive to install. The coating is available in a wide range of colors; it protects the concrete and usually comes with a little sand to prevent swimmers from slipping.

With a resurfaced deck, your pool will get a distinctive face lift that matches your home. What’s more, your bank account won’t feel a pinch.

Pool Deck with Railing

Waterline tile

You can change the appearance of your pool dramatically by adding a new waterline tile. A ceramic waterline tile is quite affordable for an average sized pool. However, you may need to fork out a bit more cash for glass and other ornamental tiles.

Pool designers say they add waterline tiles to pools with a pebble or stone finishing, on or above the waterline. This is because it is quite rare to change a waterline tile without resurfacing the whole pool with stone, upgraded pebble or a plaster surface.


Try installing powder-coated handrails instead of shiny metals, as the latter tend to burn hands in higher temperature. Handrails are not only inexpensive, they tend to last long when installed with the right quality.

They are great for mature homeowners or anyone trying to add safe-use features to their pool. If you need a more accessible pool, handrails can come in handy too. Whatever the size of your, you can run the handrail to a reasonable length.

Do you still think it’s expensive to maintain a pool? Not if you try some of these suggestions. You can also get creative thinking of some simple renovations yourself.