Some Handy Do-it-yourself Home Improvement Tips


You don’t need to be a weightlifter or have an engineering degree to become a do-it-yourself maestro. With these easy to handle tips, you are assured of a more welcoming home while you save a major buck.

  1. Scuffed wooden surfaces in the kitchen: Age and wear tell on wooden surfaces especially in the kitchen where there is water spillage, and these old surfaces give the kitchen an untidy look. Simply measure out the size of the surface and resurface neatly with a linoleum sheet. Hold this in place with glue. Run the linoleum strips on the edges too. Excess linoleum can be cut out with a razor blade.

Choosing the right patterns and colour can make your kitchen space more beautiful and brand new.

  1. Peeling wallpaper: This can make the house look unkempt and old. Replacing the entire wallpaper could cost a small fortune.

Apply wallpaper paste on a clean disposable surface- on the wall lightly and hold down the wall paper to set. Note that you must never apply the wallpaper paste on the wallpaper but on the wall.

Clean all smears while the past is still wet to avoid permanent stains.

  1. Squeaky door hinges: Friction, the rubbing together of the hinge parts is the probable cause of this and it could be disturbing.

Apply petroleum jelly around the hinges and move the door back and forth. This enables for proper lubrication of the hinge parts.

You could alternatively use WD-40.

  1. Dusty lamp holder: Dusty lamp holders reduce the amount of light that comes from the light bulb as well as gives the room an old, dirty feel.

Allow the bulb and light parts to cool, get a sturdy stool high enough to reach the lamp holder and unscrew the holder. Lamp holders are made of glass and should be handled with utmost care.

Wash the dirty lamp holder with soapy water and a light cloth scrub then rinse with clear water. Allow it to drip and dry it with a clean towel. Replace the lamp holder and turn on the lights. Enjoy your well lit room.

  1. Unblocking a blocked toilet: This is a magic tip and it requires just a sturdy mop and a polythene bag. Tie the bag upon the head of the mop and stick it into the toilet bowl. Pound the blocked toilet. If once does not do the trick, repeat the process.

Enjoy your unblocked toilet.

  1. How to replace broken tiles in the kitchen or toilet: Broken tiles give the room a nasty look and are a good breeding ground for germs. You don’t want that.

Pry out the affected tiles with a sharp knife and scrape off all pieces of dried adhesive.  Apply the putty mixture neatly with the same knife and place the tile in perfect alignment.

Home improvements are easy and easily achievable and they save a good deal of money as well as help the home last longer. There are various online resources available.  Good luck with your brand new home.