How to Turn the Exterior of Your Home into a Green Paradise


Over the years, landscaping has evolved into more magical designs. You can literally bring your interior outside and still enjoy the comfort that comes with interior furnishing this time, along with the refreshing companionship of your garden, ornamental plants, and trees. The best part is that your home’s appearance will become more aesthetic and appealing for it, because a great landscape will align with the design of your home and at the same time exude special feelings like fascination and relaxation.

Here are four landscaping tips you can try out. They can turn the exterior of your home into a paradise that will leave your visitors wanting to stay with you forever.

  • Nature-scape Your Exterior

This involves planting plants that are native to your environment in a bid to turn the outside of your home into a natural habitat. To do this, you first need to conduct a thorough research to understand the types of plants that once grew in your environment and from where to source them.

By planting native plant, you would be inviting back insects, birds, amphibians, and other tiny animals that are characterised by the habitat you have created with your landscaping. This means that you get to wake up to the tuneful voices of birds singing the dawn chorus or watch your daughter chase after grasshoppers and butterflies in your backyard. It’s peaceful, and it will bring you and your family closer to nature.

  • Try Edible Landscaping

Landscapes obviously can’t be eaten however beautiful they are, but the fruits they yield can become a great source of food for you and your family. This involves selecting and planting trees and shrubs that bear fruits as well as planting a vegetable garden.

This will of course need some research and work, but imagine reaching out into your backyard garden to pluck tomatoes and vegetables for your dinner stew. Also, imagine receiving guests outdoor and serving them apples or peaches freshly plucked from the trees a few meters away from your outdoor furniture.

If you have grown a garden before, then you shouldn’t find setting up your own edible landscape difficult. Otherwise, you can begin small by learning how to garden.

  • Let the Plants Climb

Integrating climbing plants in your exterior comes with many advantages. The first being that climbing plants will beautify your home. When your walls or balconies are covered in climbing plants, they look majestic from the outside. When you now add the flowers that come in spring to the mix, you begin to wonder why some people even favour painting their homes to growing climbing plants.

Climbing plants can also improve your home’s energy efficiency because they can shield it from excess sunlight during summer and leave it naturally air-conditioned. Then there are the beautiful scents that come with ornamental climbing plants. They will leave your home refreshed.

The best part is that you can actually buy these plants in pots, keep them beside your walls and water them, so that they will begin to climb and decorate. Nothing speaks DIY like planting climbing plants. Here is a list of climbing plants you can grow.

  • Green-Wall Your Home

Everything about this idea speaks sustainability. While other people cut down trees to use the space for building concrete walls or to use the wood for timber walls, you would instead be contributing to a growth in the population of plants in our world, by growing well-pruned walls of flowers, ornamental shrubs, or trees around your home.

Apart from helping the world’s plant population, planting green walls have many other benefits.

  • You and your family enjoy quality privacy from neighbours.
  • The design of your home benefits from the beauty of your well-pruned green walls.
  • Your environs benefit from natural air conditioning.

The green walls, depending on their distances from your house itself, will shield your home from excessive sunlight.

For those people looking to turn their houses into eco-homes, these aforementioned tips are not just for landscaping—they can also serve as an easy means of making your home environmentally friendly. Apart from the benefits of growing plants mentioned above, there are also other advantages—like the fact that plants metabolise CO2 and releases oxygen into the air.