23 Stunning Twin Girl Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Will Make You Want to Change Yours


Do you need some new ideas for rejuvenating your twin girls’ bedroom? Or, do you simply want to spice it up and give your little princesses the coolest space to play with their dolls and toys? You’re in the right place!

Twin girls share a room, and because they’re so close, they often end up playing together. To help them make the most of their time together, you should introduce them to some of the most inspiring bedrooms decorating ideas that can help them feel more at ease. 

There are plenty of amazing ways to make your little girl’s room look stylish and inspiring. The good news is that you don’t need to do a lot of work to transform your child’s space. All you need is some clever and inspiring ideas to leave your girls’ room looking like princesses. Here are 23 gorgeous twin girl bedroom decorating ideas you must check out!

1. Go for a twin theme

Having a twin theme in your twin girl bedroom decorating ideas will help unify the space, and will also help you connect with your twins on a deeper level.

By having matching accessories, bedding, and wall decor, you’ll help your girls feel closer together, and they’ll also feel more comfortable in their shared space.

It’s also important to note that twins often associate the same themes and colours, so by using the same ones, you’ll be helping your girls form a sense of unity.

You can also try using special twin-themed decorations like a twin-sized quilt, or create a special board with photos of both of your girls.

2. Neutral-colored walls

When you have twins, you might be tempted to paint the walls a lovely shade of pink or purple. But while those colours can be very pretty, they’re also quite gender-specific. If you end up with a pink wall, you might want to let your twin girls know that they’re not allowed to touch it. A neutral-coloured wall is a more welcoming choice, and that makes it a perfect choice for their bedroom.

You don’t have to paint the entire bedroom wall. You could paint just one wall, or you could choose to paint the ceiling, as well. No matter how you go about it, a neutral-coloured wall is a great choice for your twin girls’ bedroom.

3. Brighten up the room with the colourful furniture

One of the best bedroom decorating ideas for twin girls is to use a variety of different colours and styles of furniture. In general, twin girls tend to stick to neutral colours, so using lots of different styles of furniture will help brighten up the room and make it feel more welcoming.

You can also use different kinds of furniture to help create a sense of difference in the girls’ room. For example, you could have a dresser in one corner and a desk in the other.

One furniture item that you should not miss out on is a bed. If you have twin girls, you know that they’re likely to share a bed, and that can make for some sleep disruption. A twin bed is a great way to help your girls create a space that feels more personalized.

4. Organize your decor

One of the best bedroom decorating ideas for twins is to organize your room’s walls. By creating a kind of narrative on your walls, you’ll help your girls feel connected to one another and to the room itself.

You can create a story by arranging photos, drawings, quotes, quotes, and other subjects that are related to your twins. You can also use your walls to showcase memorabilia related to them, like photos of them as babies, photos of them when they were younger, or photos from important moments in their lives.

Having a narrative on your walls will help your girls connect with the space, and it will also help them create a deeper sense of self.

5. Introduce coloured accents

Coloured accents can help you create a more diverse look in your twin girl bedroom. With this in mind, you can go for a more colourful or a more neutral look.

By adding elements like a brightly coloured throw pillow or a pair of bright-coloured blankets, your twin girl bedroom will feel more vibrant, and it will also help your twins establish a more personalized look.

You can also try different coloured lighting by using a pair of coloured lamps or using a special wall hanging or a specially designed curtain.

6. Go for a unified colour scheme

If one of your twins likes pink while the other prefers blue, they might end up fighting over their bedroom’s colour scheme. To avoid this, choose a colour scheme that’s unified across your twin girls’ bedroom.

If you don’t want to go with a single colour, you can go with a palette that’s united by a single tone. For example, go for a grey/white/silver colour scheme. Or, go for a green/purple colour scheme.

7. Hang your daughters’ artworks

Artwork is a great way for your twins to express themselves. It can also open up a whole new world of emotions and memories if you as a parent choose artwork that relates to your daughters’ interests. If your girls don’t like to decorate their walls, you can hang artwork in their closet or doorknob. Just make sure that you don’t change the artwork too often, or your girls will end up mixing up their artwork.

8. Decorate with plushies and soft toys

If your daughters are big fans of colourful toys, you can choose to decorate with them. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it, or your room will look like a toy store. Instead, keep your decorations subtle, and let your girls’ interests guide you.

9. Introduce your twins to the idea of a mural

Your twin girls will benefit from learning more about art and, even though you might not know it, a mural can be a great way to do this.

To help your girls get more comfortable with the idea of a wall mural, start with a small sample. Hang the mural on your daughters’ closet door, and let them help you paint the mural.

Then, as your girls get more comfortable with the idea, move on to bigger murals. Once they feel at ease with the process, you can place larger, more inspiring murals in your daughters’ room.

10. Incorporate a night-light

It will help your twins stay calmer when they’re in their room. Plus, it’ll help them feel less overwhelmed when they’re in such a close space. If you want to help ease your twin girls into the idea of a nightlight, start with a small one or a dim one.

11. Get matching bedding

It can do a lot to bring your girls together. Plus, it can help you save money on one of these twin girl bedroom decorating ideas.

If you want to go with a single colour bedspread or pillowcase, pick a colour that’s unified across your twin girls’ bedroom.

If you want to go with a neutral bedding option, you can also go with bedding that’s more gender-neutral. For example, you can go with grey/white/silver bedding for the walls, and go with a neutral coloured quilt for the bed.

12. Decorate with nature

Twin girls love nature, and you can help them connect with it by incorporating some greenery and plants into their bedroom decorating ideas. For instance, you might want to place a plant on your daughter’s bedside table, hang a wreath from her ceiling light, or add greenery to her desk to create a space that feels connected to the outdoors.

13. Provide a space for self-expression

As your girls get older, you can help them find ways to express themselves by helping them decorate with self-expression themes. For instance, you can help your girls create a self-expression wall, incorporate a self-expression bedspread into their duvet cover, or add self-expression accessories to their dresser.

14. Help your girls feel safe

Twin girls might feel close because they often spend a lot of time together, but that doesn’t mean you want them to feel unsafe. To help your girls feel safe, you can help them create a safe space. For instance, you can put up a sign that reminds them to close their doors, lock their windows, and not leave their electronic devices and other valuables unattended.

15. Hang up your bags and accessories

Another great idea is to use one of those hand-holds to hang your bags and accessories from. It will help keep the clutter under control and let you see your room from a fresh perspective.

16. Organize toys 

Twin girls tend to like a variety of toys and games, so it’s important to keep them organized. If they have a lot of toys, you should organize them by type and age group. You should also keep all the toys in one place so that your girls can find what they are looking for easily.

17. Hang up their favourite photos

When it comes to bedroom decorating ideas that will help your twin girls feel more connected, hanging up photos is one of the best things you can do. Photos are often one of the most important ways we express ourselves, and hanging up photos between twins is a great way to help them connect.

18. Have a calming touch

To help your twin girls relax, you can create a space that feels calm and peaceful. For instance, you can place a plant on your daughter’s bedside table, hang a wreath from her ceiling light, or add greenery to her desk to create a space that feels connected to the outdoors.

19. Help them create a colourful backdrop

If your twins are around the same age, they might enjoy creating a colourful backdrop.

For example, one of your twins might like to create a rainbow-themed room while the other creates a sea-themed room. Or one twin might like to create a space that’s filled with princesses and castles while the other opts for a room filled with superheroes and aliens.

20. Help them feel at home with their favourite pillow

While the majority of twin girl bedroom decorating ideas focus on the room itself, you can also help your girls feel more at home with their favourite pillow.

A favourite pillow can be a huge part of your twin girl’s bedtime routine. Making your twin girl’s favourite pillow also helps her feel connected to her twin.

21. Let them decorate the ceiling with stickers

If one of your twin girls is interested in making their bedroom more colourful, they can opt to apply stickers to the ceiling.

Unlike artwork, which you can hang on the walls, stickers can be easily applied to the ceiling. And because they’re removable, you can easily change the look of your bedroom if you need to.

22. Help them feel more connected with the bed

One of the greatest bedroom decorating ideas for twin girls is helping them feel more connected with the bed.

You can do this in a few different ways. The first way is by making sure they both have their own bed. It’s important to make sure they have enough space because having multiple beds in the room can be a source of stress.

23. Experiment with themes

You can use a theme to help create a different atmosphere in the room, which is great for helping your girls feel more at ease.

One of the most popular themes for twin girls is pink, so it might be fun to experiment with that. You can also use a different shade of pink, or you can use a more neutral theme.

You can also try other different themes, like blue for one girl or a theme that’s based around cars or cats. As long as you keep it simple, it’ll be easy to use a theme to help create a personalized space for your twin girls’ bedroom.