How to Clean Your Home, and How Frequently You Should Do It


They say that if you want to discover how lazy an individual is, give him or her chores to do. That saying is especially true during spring when we all have to clean away the mess winter left behind. If the thought of cleaning your home (or worse, spring cleaning) has never perturbed or frustrated you, then you must be a fictional chore lover.

Cleaning your home becomes even more daunting when you let the dirt pile up. Therefore, why not avoid that by cleaning each aspect of your home as regularly as you need to? This article points out some household items to pay attention to and how often you should clean them.

  • Your Refrigerator Should Never Be Neglected

The refrigerator is one of the many important places in our homes we neglect to clean regularly. When you now consider that we keep food items there, or that your salad drawers (according to scientists) can be harbouring 750 times more bacteria than the safe level, you begin to understand why thoroughly deep-cleaning your refrigerator monthly is ideal.

  • Your Head Needs a Clean Pillow

While your pillowcase can help reduce the amount of dirt that gets on your pillow, the pillow will eventually get filthy. It does no good to cover the dirt up using a pillowcase. You’d only be breeding allergens. So, wash your pillows every three to six months. You can use your washing machine with liquid detergent and hot water.

  • Your Microwave Deserves Your Attention

You use it to warm your food. So why not keep it clean? Wipe it down every week, and don’t forget to give it a monthly deep cleaning. Use a heat-safe bowl to mix white vinegar in a cup of water. Place the mixture inside your microwave and turn up the heat. Once your microwave’s window steams up, turn off the heat and use a sponge to clean the inside.

  • Wash Your Dishwasher Monthly

Washing your dishes in a dishwasher you don’t clean would be like bathing the dishes in fungi and black yeast, which can easily thrive in dishwashers. Therefore, wash your dishwasher every month. You can use vinegar and hot water to do this.

  • Clean Your Computer Every Week

Apart from the fact that your computer can easily gather much dust and dirt and malfunction when you don’t clean it, you need to also consider that bacteria and allergens thrive on dirty or dusty surfaces. Therefore, give your computer the attention it needs. Clean it weekly. You can dip a cotton swab in alcohol and use it to clean deep crevices and the narrow spaces between your keyboard’s keys.

  • Keep Cleaning the Bathtub that Keeps You Clean

If you are like everyone else, your bathroom ranks among the filthiest places in your home. In fact, according to this research, more harmful bacteria live in bathtubs than in garbage cans. Therefore, thoroughly spruce up your bathtub weekly.

There are many other items in your home you can also pay attention to. For instance, your carpet (clean every six to 12 months), your mattress (wash the pads every two months), your kitchen counter (clean every day), and your towel (wash after every three uses). Maintain these routines, and not only will cleaning become easier, you will also form the habit of cleaning your home when you need to. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, get in touch with Cleaners of London.