5 Reasons to Get Aluminium Windows

Aluminum window installed over a radiator

Getting a new opening on to the world can be just the ticket for you to gain some new perspective on your surroundings, and perhaps a newfound appreciation for your home!

Whether this means a new window, door or patio, you will be amazed what a transformation home improvement projects can make on your health and wellbeing in your home. Aside from the extra light and ventilation, you can benefit from other advantages especially when you choose aluminium framing for those new windows. Here is how they can work to your advantages.

Very durable

Aluminium windows are super strong, able to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Being so strong, they are also more secure than other framing materials, allowing you to gain some peace of mind.

Unlike wooden windows (which come with their own set of benefits), aluminium does not expand or contract with the coming and going of moisture. It will retain it’s shape for years with almost no maintenance at all. uPVC windows simply don’t offer this benefit, though they are less expensive.

“On top of being strong, aluminium is very lightweight, so you can install bigger windows without worrying about the structural integrity of the wall they are installed on (though it’s a good idea to ask your window provider if you’re unsure about this).” states home improvement expert Ryan Thompson writing for The Telegraph.


As we mentioned above, aluminium windows need almost no maintenance though they do benefit from a wiping down from time to time to avoid potential water stains. This is especially true for those that live by the sea, since salt water can damage aluminium windows. You can avoid sanding, painting and finishing these windows, since they just need a wash every year with soapy water (non-alkaline).

They will perform at their best even with the most minimal maintenance, so you can enjoy them for a long time without worrying. This also makes aluminium windows cost-effective since they are the best windows to just install and somewhat forget about – until you do your spring cleaning, that is!


Nowadays, aluminium windows all contain thermal breaks which almost completely mitigates the heat loss that metal is infamous for – if you’ve ever leaned against a freezing aluminium frame you know what this is about. Ask your window provider, but you may find aluminium to be more energy efficient even than uPVC.

You can choose double or triple glazing, which means you might be able to outperform uPVC in terms of energy savings, depending on other factors. If your house isn’t well insulated to begin with, you may not reap the same benefits. Plus, aluminium is recyclable! Ask your tradesman about their recycled range.

Aluminium framing also has the benefit of allowing for more glass coverage (since the frames are thinner than uPVC and wood in general) so you get better thermal retention -double glazed glass retains heat better than any framing material.


An amazing benefit of aluminium is that it can be painted in all the colours of the rainbow and can be refinished any way you like, if you are a person who changes their home’s aesthetics with the seasons. This is utterly impossible with wooden windows and is not always executed well on uPVC.

The design options for aluminium are also unlimited. You aren’t restricted to one single shape or style – you can have huge windows with all sorts of openings, for instance tilt and turn openings or even windows with a fixed panel in the middle and two vertically opening panels to the sides.

These windows are normally bespoke, so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. Want to be able to see the bird feeder from your breakfast seat? More light in a particular gloomy corner? The possibilities are endless when you aren’t restricted by tradition or weight restrictions.

Better views

You may not have considered this, but as the frames on aluminium windows tend to be thinner than uPVC or wooden windows, you can enjoy your view more easily. Essentially, the more glass the better!

You won’t be distracted by bulky frames and will instead be drawn to your exterior and the view beyond, which is kind of the point of a window, isn’t it? You can read more about all sorts of windows and their benefits, prices and characteristics by visiting our website here!