Superhero Hideouts – How Much Would They Cost In Today’s Property Market?


This wonderful infographic will take you through some of your favourite superhero’s hideouts, how much they would go for in today’s market, amount of bedrooms and a house party rating out of 10. Firstly, is the Baxter Building, known for the base of the Fantastic 4. The Baxter building first erected in 1949 to be the corporate home of the Leland Baxter Paper Company. Located in Manhattan, New York, The Baxter building remains one of the most expensive Superhero hideouts sitting at a whopping £1.5 Billion. Another one of the most expensive superhero hideouts is the Stark Tower, not too far away from the Baxter building in midtown Manhattan, is the 93 story Stark Tower.

How much would an estate agent value each property?

Obviously the HQ of superhero Iron Man, the tower subsequently became the HQ of the avengers, and has since drawn criticism from its neighbours, for its tendency to invite the wrath of Thanos and many others. An east London estate agent would most probably value this property at around £7.6 Billion, based on the location size and how modern the building is.