How to Add a Touch- or more- of India to Your Interiors


If you are big on Indian movies, you will be familiar the Indian style home décor. The style combines the most exotic, interesting and complex designs. It also stems from a smorgasbord history, culture, and art across the country. There are several variants to Indian interior décor, but we can capture 4 attractive elements in this piece.

  1. Vibrant colours

If there is any culture that celebrates colours to the peak, it is the Indian culture. Come to think of it, they have a festival, Holi; a Hindu feast dedicated to the beauty of colours. Bright and diverse colours are the highlight of Indian interior décor. However, while it is easy to go manic with a wide palette range, you could cause a colour riot if you don’t control it.

To enjoy a homely colour range truly reminiscent of Indian style, go for earthy tones like rich brown, burnt oranges and ochre yellows for your floors and walls. You can add some blues and greens to less obvious components such as chairs or throw pillows.

  1. Fine hardwood furniture

Solid wood furniture is a key part of an Indian home. But one interesting thing about the wood furniture is that it is hardly made as is. Some of the most attractive designs are those made with bone inlay. This is a special handcrafted mix of wood and bone- usually camel of buffalo bone. The patterns are beautifully worked in to make give the room a truly cultural mix of contemporary and tradition.

To add a more authentic look, use hardwood pieces with stunning Indian artistry such as curved armrests and legs, ivory or metal inlays. Coffee tables or dressers with any of these designs will look great.

  1. Traditional decorative cabinets

Many Indian homes are not complete with specially crafted cabinets or cupboards. There are of questions like, which Indian cabinets are the best or how do you arrange Indian furniture in a living room? There is no real ‘best’ when it comes to Indian furniture as they are all unique and beautiful in their right. So long as you purchase them from an authentic maker, it will satisfy you. As for arranging the furniture, that is up to your creative appeal.

A black Mother of Pearl Star Chest or a white metal inlay cabinet is enough to illuminate your living room in many ways than one.


  1. Ornaments and Knickknacks

If you have been to India, you will understand why your décor isn’t complete without the odd item here or there. The country is a treasure trove of handicrafts and decorative artefacts, so it’s not unusual to see a number of them in the living room. From clay pottery to crockery and decorative marble, you can’t go wrong with any antique. Even brass lamps can add a metallic accent to your home.

Mirrors also make for attractive furniture placements. If you are asking where an Indian mirror should be placed, consider mounting it on a wall along a source of natural light. If it has distinguishing designs, all the better.

Indian interior offers a lot of exciting possibilities and a variety of decorative options. For the best results, go for colours and fixtures that reflect your persona.