Aluminium Windows Lancashire’s Initiative For Window Safety Launched In Lancashire


Fresh from their anniversary celebrations, Aluminium Windows Lancashire, a top manufacturer of aluminium windows launched a Programme for safety awareness for residents of Lancashire. Attending the event that took place in the company’s conference hall early this week, were area residents, company representatives, security officials, and several of the company’s partners in the industry. The installation of safe and secure windows in every home was emphasised by the CEO of Aluminium Windows Lancashire. He stated, “Windows play an essential role in the home. Not only do windows make your home well-ventilated and beautiful, they ensure that your home is secured as well. With this in mind, Aluminium Windows Lancashire endeavours that the windows they design and produce, are of the topmost quality when it comes to safety features to match today’s security challenges”.

Residents Express Issues On Home Safety

Residents have expressed increased concerns over their safety after incidents of breaking and entering crimes have emerged in Lancashire. During the question-and-answer segment of the Programme, a concerned resident raised a question about what steps they could take to ensure the safety of their loved ones and their property. This provided Aluminium Windows Lancashire representatives an opportunity to list down some safety tips for home safety that residents can apply. He also said, “We highly recommend that people do regular maintenance work and safety checks on every window in their homes. One key role of windows is that they provide an escape route in case of fire. Thus, you must ensure that your windows are not stuck and all of its parts are functioning in case they are your sole means of escaping. In cases of suffocation due to smoke, the windows also play an important role because they are the major source of ventilation in the home. Aluminium Windows Lancashire also cautions residents on the unauthorised tampering of their windows either by children or outsiders”.

New Line of Aluminium Windows Lancashire Windows Highlight Improved Security Features

Aluminium Windows Lancashire revealed that they will soon be releasing their latest products that address home safety issues for property owners’ peace of mind – Multiple-point locking system for patio windows. A device that controls the window opening to a maximum of 4″ in order to prevent children or pets from slipping through the window opening (the device also has a manual setting so that the window can be opened beyond the 4″ limit when needed- such as in emergencies). Aluminium windows that are built with materials which can resist extreme weather conditions and changes, and are not susceptible to termites, rust, and water damage. Homeowners should be able to have these enhanced product line of windows within a few months- according to the company. The attendees brought home several brochures on safety which the company gave away when the event ended in the afternoon.

About Aluminium Windows Lancashire

Aluminium Windows Lancashire constructs, assembles, and distributes quality aluminium windows. They are based in Lancashire where they have served the people by producing top quality windows with modern designs and astonishing security features. They provide customers with various types of aluminium window products (e.g. sliding windows, tinted windows, casement windows, tower standard casement, etc).
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