How to Design a Relaxing Bathroom to Balance out a Busy Life


The lives we live these days are busier than ever. More time is spent either in the four walls of an office, or on the road than in our own homes. We use up so much time living a fast-paced and frenzied life that to slow down and relax, we need to take time and conscious effort. For many, this conscious effort simply doesn’t occur naturally and we must force ourselves to sit still, breathe in, and recharge our internal batteries.

A bathroom that is lacking in organization of any form, plain-looking and devoid of warmth and luxurious comfort is not a relaxing one. Think of the wondrous bathrooms you enjoyed on some of your business trips. You were probably too busy to really stop and take in the ambience present in the place but I’m willing to bet that while rushing through a hasty shower you cast more than one appreciative glance over the place. There are a few simple steps that we can take to create a relaxing bathroom that would bring the needed balance to a busy life.

No time to Soak? How about a Massage Shower Head?

A soaking tub is overrated anyway. A lot of homeowners assume a luxurious, relaxing bath time cannot be had without a long lazy soak in a warm bath. Yet, chances are the tub is only used occasionally and only really crowding the bathroom. A massage shower head however won’t take up all of that space, and you would definitely use it every day for those quick grab and go showers. Don’t worry however if you already have a soaking tub. Who knows, some day you actually might find the time to sit in it. In the meantime, incorporate a relaxing massage showerhead in your bathroom design.


Incorporate the use of Sound

There’s something immensely relaxing about calming notes floating around in the background while you go about your bathroom routines. And it doesn’t even have to be Beethoven or Mozart either. Any sort of sound which takes you to a relaxing mode transports your mind into a place of deep tranquillity at the drop of a hat is what I’m referring to. The best way to do this is to install a smart wireless system in your home. While you’re in the bathroom, you can turn on your favourite playlist and enjoy relaxing music from wireless speakers installed in your bathroom. JNB Tech offers a wide range of wireless speakers you can choose from.

Employ Aromatherapy for your Bathroom

Aromatherapy and relaxation go hand in hand. Plus even if you were the busiest soul in the universe, surely you know to take your peaceful moments where you can find them. Scents are well known to be highly useful for boosting the health and mood. Wake up your brain in the morning with a peppermint scented soap placed invitingly beside your cool new massage shower head. Arrange lavender and jasmine potions, which also have relaxing qualities on your bathroom counter. The addition of scented candles to your bathroom design would not only make the place smell better, but the gentle flickering flame is a lovely sight to behold. If you don’t feel comfortable about leaving lit candles when you go out to work, diffusers are a safer option and serve the same purpose.

Balancing out a busy life with a relaxing bathroom design is not as difficult as you think. With a few simple additions and improvements, you can immediately turn your bathroom into a private oasis; a place where you can pause to take a deep relaxing breath before you step out each day to return to the grind.