10 Handy Tips to Revive Your Kitchen


If you have been planning on reviving your old kitchen for quite a while but haven’t had enough time or it’s just too expensive with a professional rennovation company, your plans can easily get delayed.

However, there are a lot of cool tricks and tweaks to make your kitchen look more homely and beautiful that won’t take up a lot of time or money. So, let’s jump to it.

1. Paint the Cabinets Up

Does your kitchen give you a negative vibe? The kitchen is the part of the house that should always be bright and vibrant. You could clean up the corners and re-paint your old cabinets. Get some sandpaper, a paintbrush and your preferred colour and make it tell its story.

2. Under-Cabinet Lighting

You don’t need to spend thousands to give your kitchen an aesthetic look. Let me give you a great cheap trick. Put some low energy light strips under the cabinets. It will warm up the place and give it a retro flavor.

3. How About a Cozy Window Seat?

Imagine yourself having a cup of tea, resting by a big window, reading a great novel. Feels like heaven, right? You can simply add cabinets under the window and put a comfy mattress with a pillow or two. Make it as simple as it gets.

4. Replace the worktops

A new worktop can bring an old kitchen back to life. Especially an Acrylic Corian Worktop, they come in a wide range of colours, textures and can be shaped/moulded to fit virtually any space.


5. Install an Under-Cabinet Shelf

Under-cabinet shelves are very handy for keeping the kitchen accessories. With the lighting setup, the shelf would look fabulous.

6. Create (Build yourself) a coffee bar

How many times have you seen the coffee bars while watching your favorite TV-series? A great suggestion is to build one for yourself. You can utilize the under-stair space or the space beside the sink to make your coffee bar and invite your friends and family to show off your new coffee bar.

7. Create a focal point

Beauty is a conceptual matter – differs from person to person. But you can create a focal point in your kitchen that eradicates any kind of flaws. Hang up a few lights over the sink or the worktop and see as it literally brightens up the place.

8. Give It a Warm Colorful Character

The kitchen is the place where you and your family gather for meals and a homely conversation every day. I would suggest you give it a warm and easygoing vibe.

9. Label Up!

Labels will make your kitchen more organized and things will be easier to find than ever. This is really handy.

10. Upgrade the Sink

Sinks are the most distinctive feature of a kitchen. But with time, it loses the colour and shine. If it’s too old and stained, maybe get a new one.

Hopefully, these are ideas that made you jump out of your seat and made you start planning.

Stay tuned for more crafty ideas and tweaks.