5 easy ways to transform your main living area


Your living room is obviously part of your house to which you regularly return; however, this also means that you can quickly become over-familiar with it. Would you like to revamp that space to freshen up its look? No, this doesn’t have to be a particularly expensive or arduous task…

In fact, giving your living room an appealing makeover can take you just minutes – provided that you know what you are doing. Here are some tips to particularly heed for that room’s aesthetic benefit.

living room

Ruthlessly reduce the clutter

Over time, random items can accumulate in your living room and so take away much of its previously spacious feel. For that reason, you should perhaps – as an act of first resort – go through the room and gather items which really shouldn’t be there.

Those items could include magazines, Blu-ray boxes and children’s toys; however, whatever that surplus “stuff” is, be ruthless in your de-cluttering, House Beautiful advises.

Get some blinds to avoid… getting blind

Your living room’s windows might currently be adorned with heavy curtains which block out much more daylight than is really necessary. However, you can redress the balance by removing the amount of fabric and texture concealing your windows.

Doing that can be simple when you swap hefty curtains for more straightforward blinds. It should certainly make you smile that blinds tend to be cheaper than curtains as well.

Move even further away from the dark side

Have you just followed the above trick and been startled by how much it appears to change the look of the space? It should be a source of comfort, then, that there are various other means of improving how well-lit your main living area is.

If one wall of the room borders the outside world, you could have bi-fold doors installed along that wall; the resulting, panoramic expanse of glass would allow more natural light to enter. Such doors can be ordered from the company Bifold Shop near Bristol.

Meanwhile, for evenings, you could put in place a dimmer to let yourself reduce light to moody and ambient effect. It might even be possible to use varying lighting levels for a 3D effect.

Wallpaper… not just over the cracks

Babble remarks: “It’s amazing what even one wall of wallpaper can do to transform your room.” You could see that for yourself if you simply apply some wallpaper with more colour and pattern than the surface it is covering.

Don’t fret if you are renting your home or just commitment-phobic; you could opt for removable wallpaper that can easily be removed from a surface when another change is in order.

Add just one new thing to that room

Yes, that’s right; sometimes, this really is all that is necessary to make you love the look of your living room again. Whether it’s a modest ornament for your bookshelf or a brand-new couch, that single object could make you realise that the room wasn’t so far off looking excitingly fresh after all.