Simple steps for DIY Interior Decoration


Some people are naturally gifted in decorating a place. They just tend to see the beautiful side of things without breaking a sweat. Truly, they are gifted.

But what about you? Do you know you can be just as good?

Okay, maybe you’re not planning to or even dreaming of becoming a professional in decoration and you’re probably asking: what’s the point?

You need not plan to work full time as a decorator. But…have you ever wondered why your bedroom is so uninspiring and dull or why your living room looks like there is no life in it?

A dull, bland environment has a way of affecting your mood. Have you ever wondered if it is possible that those guys at Google enjoy their work more because of how cool their office space looks?

Maybe you secretly wish you can do something about your home too. You wish you can spice up the appearance and make it look exciting. The first thought that crossed your mind is that you have to hire someone skilled in decorating.

But then it hits you that you have to pay for that service. Unfortunately, you don’t have the money to do so.

Your own case may be different. The money is not the problem but you have some time to spare and you wish there is something you can do with it.

Whatever your case may be, you are in the right place.

Decorating is not rocket science. For most things in life, you have to learn the basics. The same applies to interior decoration. Unlike many other things, there are no hard written rules. It is all about using your imagination.

I’m not here to tell you the things that are hidden in a book and locked far away in Mars. I’m here to show you how you can use the simple little things around you to beautify your home, and your life.

  1. Add some life

Let’s start with plants. The first way to make your home look lively is by first adding some life.

Plants have a way of changing the mood around your home to make it healthier and more liveable. They can also act as stress relievers and are good for the environment too.

  1. Include texture

A combination of materials of different texture give your house a wonderful mix. The right mix of texture can completely transform your home into a remarkable artwork. Try combining smooth textures like silk and wool with rough tiles and wooden chairs. Texture is what makes your home rock.

  1. Get creative with small things

By taking a careful look at your home, you’ll find some stuff that you used to feel are not useful. Get into the store, bring out all the junk. Sit down with them and make something beautiful. You could add some of those plasters to your wall or decorate your tiles. It’s all part of beautification.

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  1. Add colour variations

Colour adds some aesthetic value to your home. Try out colour combinations. Use different colours that look good together. In all, make use of colours that make you feel comfortable.

  1. Or go with a single theme

Like I said earlier, there are no written rules. You can decide to go with similar colours, you can select dark colours or a bright colour scheme. However, when you decide on going with a single scheme, try to vary the texture of the objects in your home to make it more interesting.

  1. Use your imagination

Your mind is a powerful tool. It is your strongest weapon in the battle against dullness in your home. Interior decoration is all about imagination and seeing beauty in everything.

If you open up your mind and take the little steps, you will be a pro in no time.