Timeless Interior Décor Rules that Bring Out the Pro in You


Trends may change, but there are interior décor rules that remain the same. No matter the space you are decorating, you can never go wrong with following these fundamental guidelines. Whether you are carrying out your first decorating project ever, or you are looking to redecorate your interior, you do it like a professional interior designer when you incorporate these basics.

The General Rule

As a general rule, the first thing you need to do when handling an interior décor project is to plan. Even before you consider your budget, 2 major considerations that must come to mind are:

  • What is the purpose of the space I am decorating?

Thinking about the purpose or purposes that the room you are decorating will serve, is an important aspect of design. You may want the dining area that you are redecorating to double as a study or you may consider using a corner in your corridor for storage. The main thing is to maximize the potential of the room.

  • What is my ‘’inner style?”

One advantage of decorating yourself, is that you can bring in the ‘you’ element. In planning, you need to know how you will express yourself through your interior. For example, are you going with a theme? Do you have a favourite colour that you want to incorporate or is there a certain atmosphere that you want to create in your interior?

When you decide on what you want, decorating like a pro means that what you want fits into the following guidelines:

  1. Be Aware of the Size of Your Space

This is also known as spatial awareness. Although the purpose of the room determines the furniture that you will need in there, you need to consider the size of the space that you are working with. Compared to a big room, you need to pay attention to a small room. If your space is small:

  • Use mirrors to give the illusion of a larger space
  • Make more use of textures than patterns to avoid a clustered look
  • Ditch the centre table
  • A light shade of colour for the ceiling, makes your space look bigger.
  1. Think Light

When designing your interior, you need to use light to create a beautiful atmosphere. Consider letting in a lot of natural light by minimally dressing your windows. You can also use different kinds of lamps to create different effects in the room.

  1. Use Colour Effectively

Use colour with a purpose, and combine correctly for best results. You could decide to use the colour therapy principle. In order to use colour effectively, you need to think about the purpose of the room and choose a colour with the final outcome of the room in mind.

  1. Think Balance

When going for objects such as sculptures and vases, consider the general effect it will have on the eyes. In addition to this, consider creating balance among shapes and sizes of your interior furnishing, and colours, textures and patterns of cushions and fabrics.

You are assured the best outcome when you consider these tips. Time and again, the fundamental interior décor principles are basically about maximizing space, using light and colour to create an ambience and balancing elements in the interior.